How to Sew a Zipper

How to Sew a Zipper Tutorial

Once you have mastered the art fo adding a zipper to a project or a garment, the world is your oyster to endless possibilities of creations. To know how to sew a zipper with a professional finish is priceless and yet quite easy. There are so many items that you make that require the insertion … Read more

Hand Sewing Stitches for Beginners

Hand Sewing Stitches for Beginners Cover

Learning the basics of dressmaking can be very exciting and know the different types of sewing stitches is just as important as sewing with a sewing machine.  I will be showing you basic hand sewing stitches that will aid you with finishing off your garments with a tidy professional finish that only hand stitching can … Read more

Printable Body Measurement Chart

Printabale Body Measurement Chart PDF Download

Before you set forth and print your printable body measurement chart for sewing below, there are a few things you need to know before you get started. If it was that straightforward, there would be no need for this useful article. When sewing clothes for yourself or someone else, I assume you would like them … Read more

Sewing Machine Practice Paper

Sewing Machine Practice Sheets

Getting to know your machine before you start sewing a garment will help long term with your sewing achievements and also a vital part of the learning process. For this reason, I have created a few sewing machine practice paper sheets for you to practice on and help you get to know your machine. These … Read more