Hi, JoAnne here.

I have set up this website as an online resource to help to guide you through learning how to sew, from the comfort of your own home. Being that I have chosen the online method as it appears to be the go-to place for everything nowadays. Since I am too far away from town to do local lessons, and far easier for across the ditch sewing lessons as well. And, if like me, it also gets a bit much carrying your machine around to get those lessons, so unless you want theory based only lessons, what a nightmare!

I found with those types of lessons, you go home and the visual is gone, so let’s get started today.

If for some reason things are just not clear for you and you would like to know more.


Do you have a request for a tutorial on a subject I have yet to cover?

I am always looking for ideas from YOU the learner, what would you like to know or learn you sew?

Please ask your questions in the comments below and I will get back to you, as I want to help you now and in the future.

Learn to Sew at Home with Jo 'n' Sew JoAnne Adrian

JoAnne Adrian

Director: Learn to Sew at Home with Jo ‘n’ Sew

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