How to Make Your Baby a Bandana Bib – Tutorial

This is a simple Bandana Bib, suitable for all sewing levels. The convenience of a Bandana Bib over a full-size bib for when you just need a dribble collector rather than a full-on food collector. You can also make them more trendy to suit a particular outfit for that special occasion, to make them the envy of other babies.

What You Need to Make a Baby Bandana Bib

This is a standard-sized Infant – Toddler Bandana Bib, secured with snaps.

Whether it is for your own baby or as a gift for a friend, you could put together some uniquely funky colors to make your bibs a trendy added accessory for your baby.

Designed with a cotton front in mind, with either fleece, toweling, or your own personal choice of backing.

Baby Bandana Bib – Tutorial:

  • 0.3m x Main fabric
  • 0.3m x Backing (fleece or toweling)
  • Snap closures – Size 16 KAM used in this pattern
  • Matching thread
  • Baby Bandana bib sewing pattern – If you do not already have your own pattern you can print one for FREE, here…


Print off your PDF sewing pattern pieces and join them with tape as per the instructions.

Prewash all your flannels before you start!

Place your pattern pieces on the fold and cut out one each of both the front and backing, its as easy as that to get started!

Now take the time to follow the step by step tutorial below…

Baby Bandana Bib Tutorial 1

Cut out One each of the Front & Back

Bandana Bib Pin Right Sides Together

Place the two fabric pieces with their Right Sides Together (RST)

Baby Bandana Bib Tutorial Right Sides Together

Then with the RST, pin them evenly around the edge, ready for you to sew

Baby Bandana Bib Tutorial Stitch

Start sewing on the top straight side, using a 6mm seam, reverse stitching at the start.

Baby Bandana Bib Tutorial Stitch around edge of bandana bib

Continue to stitch around the edge of the bib using a 6mm seam.

Baby Bandana Bib Tutorial Leave a Gap to Turn Bib through to Right Side

As you continue stitching around the edge of the Bib leave a gap (approx 5cm), finishing up sewing with a reverse stitch. Leaving this gap is to turn the bib through to the right side.

Baby Bandana Bib Tutorial Clip

Nip and clip around the curves before turning it through to the right side.

Baby Bandana Bib Tutorial Turn Through to Right Side

Time to turn it through to the right side through the small gap you left, then press.

Baby Bandana Bib Tutorial Turned through to right side

Pin the gap where you turned it through ready to topstitch.

Baby Bandana Bib Tutorial Pin the gap and top stitch
Baby Bandana Bib Tutorial Topstitching

Start topstitching at the gap, and stitch around the entire edge, until you get to where you started, matching up your stitching and finishing off with a reverse stitch to secure your sewing.

Baby Bandana Bib Tutorial Add snaps

Add snaps at the neck to join and complete your bib, there is a placement marking on the baby bandana bib pattern piece you as a guide.

If you are new to Kam Snaps and how to apply them, take a look at this quick video, which will show you how to.

They are quite simple once you have done a few, a bit like everything else, accept these are a lot more permanent.

Finished Bandana Bib

Once you have added your domes you are finished and you made yourself a funky little Baby Bandana Bib.


Now that you have put your first one together, time to add to your collection and get some practice and confidence to then grow your baby bib a bandana collection. You will be amazed at how easy they are to make and how trendy your baby will look wearing them.

You will only be limited by your imagination, so… share your wares below, I can’t wait to see your achievements.

But Wait, There is More!

Nothing like having a Burp cloth to accompany your baby bandana bib, and I have taken the time to create a tutorial for that as well. You will also find, when you pop over there, that I have included a FREE pattern to help you get started.

It is as easy and straightforward as this one is to complete, with NO snaps making it even easier!


I have also included a Baby Bib (feeder) in my FREE patterns and complimentary tutorials to help you along the way. But, after a few inquiries from my visitors, it was only right to do so.

This is as easy to put together as the Baby Bandana bib is, only bigger. Also, a few curves to get around, but manageable as a beginner… anyhow, your baby is too young to notice a few crooked lines and won’t be put off of wearing it, I am sure.

Get your creativity on with these free patterns.

If you are a beginner, make a few, as these are good for getting used to your sewing machine. Mind you, it is a little more nerve-racking than the paper practice sheets available but far more rewarding. You will have a usable item rather than a blunt needle and a holey piece of A4 paper.

Pop over and get it now, and don’t forget, I would like to see your progress, so send me your pictures.

~Keep on Sewing

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