How to Make Your Baby a Bib – Tutorial

Today I will be walking you through how to make a Baby Bib tutorial, with clear step by step instructions, accompanied by pictures to walk you through the simple process.

Making baby bibs is a simple starter project for any female as they make the most versatile gift, and can be put together in a very short time.

Whether it is for you or for someone else, set aside a few hours, some fabric and get creative with your sewing machine. Small simple projects like this can be so rewarding and a good way to use up remnants of fabric and even a little patchwork design to add to the creativity.

So, with that in mind, let’s get started…

What You Need to Make a Baby Bib

If you have not made a baby bib before, do not let that put you off, as this is a beginner level pattern. This is a well-sized Infant and Toddler Bib, secured with snaps.

Whether you are making them for your own baby or as a gift for someone else, you can put together some unique funky colors to make your bibs the envy of other mothers.

Designed with a cotton front in mind, with either fleece, toweling, or your own personal choice of backing.

Baby Bib – Tutorial

0.5m x Main fabric
0.5m x Backing (fleece or toweling)
Snap closures – Size 20 KAM used in this pattern
Matching thread


Print off pattern pieces and join as per enclosed instructions. If you do not have your own pattern you can print one for FREE here…

Cut out one of both the main fabric and one of backing.

Prewash all your flannels before you get started!

Baby Bib Tutorial

Cut out One each of Front & Back

Baby Bib Right Sides Together

Place fabric Right Sides Together (RST)

Baby Bib Tutorial Pin Right Sides Together

Pin RST, ready to sew

Baby Bib Tutorial Stitch

Starting at a straight side, using a 6mm seam.

Baby Bib Tutorial Stitching

Using a 6mm seam, continue to stitch around the edge of the Bib.

Baby Bib Tutorial Gap

Continue stitching around the entire edge of the Bib leaving a gap (approx 5cm) to turn the bib through to the right side.

Baby Bib Tutorial Nip Curves

Clip Curves before turning through to the right side.

Nip Corners before turning through to the right side.

Baby Bib Tutorial Nip Clip

Nip and clip around curves before turning through to the right side.

Baby Bib Tutorial Turn

Turn through to the right side, and press.

Baby Bib Tutorial Pin Gap

Pin the gap where you turned it through.

Baby Bib Tutorial Top Stitch

Start topstitching at the gap, and stitch around the entire edge,

Baby Bib Tutorial Top Stitching

until you get to where you started, sewing over the stitches where you started.

Remembering to finish off with a reverse stitch to secure your stitching.

Baby Bib Tutorial Add snaps

Add snaps at the neck ends, as marked on the baby bib pattern pieces, to join and complete your bib.

If you are new to apply KAM Snaps, this video will walk you through. Once you have done a few, you will realize how easy they are to apply. But, if for some reason you make a mistake, it is permanent.Finished Baby Bib Tutorial

So you have now finished your first Baby bib…


Now that you have mastered your first one you will gain the confidence to vary your styles fabrics and colors. Please feel free to share your projects in the messages below, I would love to see them.

But Wait There is More!

Looking for a smaller bib for outings? Look no further as I have you covered here with my Baby Bandana Bib PDF sewing pattern, you can download for FREE as well as tutorial such as this one.

How to Make Your Baby a Bandana Bib – Tutorial

So, if you have not already done so, pop over there now and download it for when you need to print and sew.

I also have a Baby Burp Cloth to complete the set, which you can download here (coming soon), for FREE and another tutorial.

Please feel free to message me below with any suggestions that I have not already covered and you wish to have here.

In the meantime…

~Keep on Sewing

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