Getting to know your machine before you start sewing a garment will help long term with your sewing achievements and also a vital part of the learning process. For this reason, I have created a few sewing machine practice sheets for you to get to know your machine. These are as easy as print on a piece of A4 paper and sew without the use of thread.

Why Use Practice Sheets?

You are driving a piece of machinery, and a bit like driving a car, you need practice before you are allowed on the road. So, get to know your machine before you try it out on an item. Know its limits and functionality as “ALL machines were not created equal” and perform differently. Learning the basics of your machine by practicing on paper without thread to scraps of fabric, before attempting a project will put you steps ahead by knowing your machine.

Straight Lines

Easier said than done until you get a feel of how your sewing machine stitches. Not only do you need to sew in a straight line, but you need to do it at 5/8″ or1.5cm from the raw edge of the fabric unless stated otherwise in the pattern instructions of your project. Straight Lines - Sewing Machine Practice Paper

Straight Lines – Sewing Machine Practice Paper

Straight Lines - Seam Allowance

Straight Lines Seam Allowance – Sewing Machine Practice Paper


Knowing when to slow down in time for a corner will determine the quality of the product you are making. Once you get a feel of straight lines and seam allowances then it is time to know when to slow down in time for a corner to enable you to hand feed the needle into the down position, sitting in the fabric, then lifting the presser foot to pivot, put down the pressure foot and continue sewing. This will take practice and I have a few sheets for you to do so. Corners Sewing - Machine Practice Sheet Corners – Sewing Machine Practice Paper

Lines Corners - Sewing Machine Practice PaperLines Corners – Sewing Machine Practice Paper


Not all items you make will be assembled using straight lines, such as bust lines, waist lines, and hips. Get the feel of sewing curves before venturing onto circles below.

Curves Sewing - Machine Practice Sheet

Curves Corners – Sewing Machine Practice Paper


As if curves were no bad enough. There is the odd occasion that you will need to sew in circles. If that time arrives feel to use these sheets to practice them before getting stuck into your fabric. You will find that once you get started that they are not that difficult, give it a go.

Curves Sewing - Machine Practice SheetCircles – Sewing Machine Practice Paper

Practice, Practice, Practice…

I just can not say it enough. If you find that things are just not working out, then practice, practice, practice… Feel free to download and print these Sewing Machine Practice Papers as many times as you need to. Please remember I am here to help. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you. Also, show me your sheets. I would love to see how you are coming along with your practicing. Post them in the comments below and share your growth.

JoAnne Adrian


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