Sewing Tutorials for beginnersLet me make it convenient for you by using your computer to find the walkthroughs you require for just about everything including sewing tutorials. For beginners, this is absolutely priceless and can save you a lot of stress, time and money. I have used these myself in the past just to give me a visual reminder that I am doing things right or wrong is some cases. You can find tutorials in HTML, PDF and even in Videos found on Youtube. Depending on your circumstances and how you learn as to which media suites you best.

I personally have a preference to viewing it on my PC screen, so HTML works as I find it so much easier to just scroll to where I need to be for a quick reference. But I also like the convenience of a PDF to print it out and sit beside me as I go and I also know of others who prefer Youtube, hence this is why there are a few platforms available to work with, depending on the tutorial you are after and if there is one available for you let alone in the format you prefer.

I endeavor to provide HTML, PDF and Youtube tutorials over time as this website grows. As your ideas start to pour in on the content you would like to see, YES, you read correctly! What would you like to see in a tutorial? Feedback and comments are encouraged, or I am just walking around blindfold guessing what it is you need or want to learn.

I will also be getting into PDF sewing patterns to download with Free resources. Until this is fully developed I am setting up with an affiliate to provide quality ones for you.

What will They Cost?

My aim is to teach you to sew for FREE! Therefore ALL of my tutorials will be free of charge, but some of the associated patterns may need to be bought.

So please be patient while I set things up and get the resources I need on here to make this an amazing experience for everyone who visits.

Please bookmark this page for future reference.

Is there a tutorial that you want and can’t find or need to pay for, leave me a comment of what it is and I can put it on my to-do list 🙂

I look forward to helping you, now and in the future.

JoAnne Adrian


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