Oh where, Oh where to begin? I can hear you asking yourself? When it comes the time to find you first simple sewing projects for beginners, I simply ask… what was it that prompted you to sew? and, what did you have in mind when you decided you wanted to learn to sew?

There will be a lot of contributing factors that will help you decide what is best for you to start with once you have mastered your sewing machine of choice… if you have not done that yet, then I suggest you master you machine before starting you first sewing project.

The “Why” Behind the “Want or Need” to Learn to Sew

Like every other new project or interest in life whether it is skiing or gardening, there is always the ‘why’ behind it that has sparked you interest, so that is where you should start.

So what is you Why?

  • To sooth, your creative soul.
  • Save yourself money?
  • To create you own unique clothing style.
  • You have started a family and would like to sew for them.
  • Your body shape makes it hard for you to purchase store bought clothing without altering them to fit.
  • Alterations and repairs of you old favorites, as it often costs an arm and a leg to pay someone to do it for you.
  • You see something is store ad would like it in a color of you choice…

As you can see, a bit like everything else in life, the choice is yours and the support and knowledge are available for you to learn at a pace and cost to suit you lifestyle.

Save Yourself Money

This I feel would be one of the most common reasons to sew for yourself or you family, is to save yourself money, long term.

As with other interests, there will always be a small outlay and in sewing it will be you Sewing Machine if you have not been fortunate enough to inherit one.

Then of course there will be other bits and bobs as your sewing ability and choice of items to make become more challenging and will require a few long term items for in you sewing kit from this list of Sewing Equipment to get you started.

Your Own Unique Style

Fashion… it’s a personal choice. We all have our own style and through learning to sew, you have the opportunity to put you own stamp(style) in you wardrobe.

This was what got me into sewing in the first place as my Mother had her own unique style and I had mine. So, when I was allowed behind the sewing machine, I made what I wanted to wear which worked especially well for something new to wear to the next High School Disco, as we did not have Proms/Balls when I was at School.

As you know, there is no right or wrong fashion statement, so go for gold and ‘Create Your Own’, you will be pleasantly surprised by the positive comments you will get.

PLUS… from time to time, ‘Wow, where did you get that from’, with the added pleasure of responding with… ‘oh, really” I made it’! I have found this far more satisfying that letting them know which ‘store” I bought if from.

You Have a Family Now

All of a sudden your family has grown with the addition of not only a spouse but a child/children. You have become aware of the clothing and sewing needs that come along with your added family members. And, if like me, you realized that for something that you needed for such a short time, was ever so expensive if you did not have access to it secondhand.

I have noticed the need for DIY has increased, where back in the 80s when I had my children, less home sewing was being done and becoming a dying trade as parallel imports hit NZ.

But, all in all, producing bibs and feeders for my babies was the start of future years of producing knick-knacks, patchwork blankets, underwear and clothing for my family and friends, to which I still do today.

Nothing In store Fits Me

More often than not, people are a ‘standard’ size for clothing produced by clothing manufacturers, as they need to cater for the ‘average’ size of the human body. Any extremes thereafter need to be either ignored or altered in one form or anther, whether it be a ‘Paid’ alteration or you tend to it yourself.

My Old Favourite Needs a New Zip, Button, Hole Darned…

A bit like ‘Nothing in Store Fits me’ scenario with a twist… Seams and hems come undone, zips break, holes appear and buttons fall off; which becomes all to common in all households.

There is no immediate need to tackle these particular alterations or repairs until you have a broken zip etc, except for the knowledge of being able to do so. Although I do encourage you to practice whenever you get the opportunity to do so. Practice will enable to do this without referring to your notes or a tutorial long term as it will all be too familiar to you. This is when you know you are starting to master the ‘Art of Sewing’.

But, a word to the wise… “Always ‘unpick’ your own work so” then you know what order to put it back together!

There is nothing more empowering than being able to create, fix, mend or alter your own clothing to suit your requirements.

In Summing Up

Are you one of the fortunate who already knows how to sew? or… are you here to take advantage of being able to learn to sew at home?

Please feel free to ask questions and share your experiences with all of us to learn together as a team.

AND… IF you are not already sewing for your family, I encourage you to do so. The simpler the better until your confidence level grows as do you personal needs, which will expand according to you lifestyle.

Happy sewing to you all!

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