Singer Sewing Machine 99k – A Wonderful Machine

If you have never had the pleasure of owning a Singer Sewing Machine 99k from yesteryear, then it is possibly time to look into this. Now, if you had told me that I would fall in love with a sewing machine like I did when I bought my Singer 99k this year, I possibly would not have believed you.

What a beautiful piece of machinery, if ever I saw one. Up until the purchase of the Singer 99k, I have been happily using my good old Bernina Favorit 540-2 for the past 28 years and will continue to do for the bulk of my sewing so for the next 28 years.


Why a Singer 99k?

The reason I looked into a Singer 99k sewing machine was mainly for portability, as I want to hit the road and take a sewing machine with me. All my homework brought me back to this little beauty, not only for the sheer size of her, as well as the versatility of being able to leave the house and connect her up to a 12v battery and inverter to sew on the road and at markets, which I am unable to do with my Bernina due to its size.

Preppers dream machine, so I found out. Also, my bank accounts dream machine at a purchase price of $20 has landed me the elated owner of this little beauty.

The machine that is so basic that even I learned how to set the timing and get her purring shortly after getting her home. Apparently, they are just some mechanically basic which is so true and works for me!

Being as basic as it is, you will find that it is ideal for your first sewing machine to learn on, as there are no bells and whistles to distract you with ease of use. They also have so many attachments you can use as your sewing ability increases along with the garments you are prepared to tackle and make. If you are fortunate enough to get them when you purchase your machine, then this is a bonus, otherwise, I found mine on our local auction site in New Zealand for a steal.

What Won’t the Singer 99k Sew?

Like wow… this machine will just about sew anything from lace to leather. Impressive to say the least. I mean when they built this machine, it certainly was built to last, not like today’s machines.

As I said, I do love my favourite and it is an old machine as well, but not as equipt to sew the thicknesses that the Singer 99k can handle. With a simple change of needles, pressure foot and thread and you are away laughing, or totally amazed, as I was.


Treadle, Knee Lever or Foot Pedal?

Having originally looked for a treadle machine for on the road until I realized how bulky it would be, and that I could just use a 12v battery and inverter with a knee lever or foot pedal Singer 99k Sewing Machine.

I personally have not been a knee lever sort of sewer but I was to going to be fussy and so realised after researching these awesome machines that I could convert a knee lever Singer 99k to a foot pedal for my purposes. Absolutely excited about this and ordered one straight away.

Although I am aware that it sways away from its originality, but I am not disconnecting the knee lever motor, nor am I discarding the knee lever so I can keep with its authenticity for the small collection I have now.

A Great Little Starter Machine

As the mechanics of sewing machines is pretty much the same, it really comes down to your personal requirements when looking at purchasing a sewing machine as you can read here with a clearer explanation than I can give you.

All in all, this is an amazing little machine to start out with. Its simplicity will not intimidate the new sewer from the get-go as I have seen more intricate machines do.

Is the Singer 99k sewing machine for you! The one you won’t leave hidden in the closet because you just Do Not Know how to use it… its simplicity is encouraging. Is this a machine you would consider? If not, I would love to hear your views.

In the meantime… Happy sewing. If you are stuck for a pattern to start a project? Then take the time to check out our range.

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2 thoughts on “Singer Sewing Machine 99k – A Wonderful Machine”

    • Good for you Cindy, you are so lucky to be able to get one these days.

      I too also could not be happier with mine, but now I seem to have started a little collection.

      You will appreciate having a 99k, so hold on to it and happy sewing.



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