When I first came online, it was to make a Legitimate Online Income from home, with little or not setup costs. Although this is possible, it was not too practical for a long term online business to succeed.

it is now a few years down the road and it is time for me to monetize my websites, so, yes; I am an Affiliate Marketer who loves to help people. The only thing that has changed for you is I am now referring you to the products I already use, not the ones I want you to buy, to make me money, because at the end of the day it is all about you learning to sew.

Why Wouldn’t I?

It has been a long time coming, but as I learned at Wealthy Affiliate, my Online Learning University, it is all about helping people, plus… Content it King!

As I am now a few years down the road, growing my content rich website, I have decided that because AliExpress is where I buy ALL my sewing bric-a-brac online, that it made sense I would join their Affiliate Program.

I Use AliExpress for my International Purchases

It is commons sense that to make money online people need to trust you, and those of you who have been with me from the beginning, I thank you from the bottom of my heart… wow, thank you for hanging in there while I have gone through a few personal transitions.

AliExpress has been my go to website for just about all my sewing requirements… accept fabric, which I tend to buy locally. Although, of late I have found a few fabric websites that I will be buying from to test out for a new range of colors; which I will be sharing with you along the way.

There is Nothing Like a Good Review

We ALL love a good honest review! Well I know for sure, I do, and especially when buying online. This is the only way I know to gauge the product before I push that “BUY NOW” button that has been tempting you for some time now.

As there is no way of knowing the quality of an item until it arrives, or that it will arrive at all, I only buy from those who have reviews or feedback, rating the product, unless of course, it is cheap enough that I am prepared to risk it.

In all the years I have been buying from AliExpress, I have found no exception to this rule, so ALWAYS check the reviews of ‘more than one’ item to compare for both delivery time and ‘quality’ of the items received.

Personal feedback is a PLUS/Must when buying online. I have regretted the times I have not done so.

I like Keeping You Up to Date

By keeping you up to date, it keeps me up to date. When working from home, sometimes I lose sight of the latest updates on almost everything, so this is a two-way street for me as it sure keeps me up to date with things… even some I wish I had never come across.

I must say, some things I have stumbled across in my search for online products’, has certainly opened my eyes. In saying that, be careful what you search for in Google… enough said!

Unfortunately, It is Cheaper to Import Than Buy Local

Shop Local they say… and being a crafts’ person I also encourage you to do the same. BUT, there is that exception to the rule…

Here in New Zealand, and for me being 90mins away from my local sewing shop, it is often cheaper and more convenient to buy Internationally, with the “FREE SHIPPING” option.

So sad that shipping from China is cheaper to my Rural Address than it is using Local Shipping Companies, to get it to my letterbox.

Hard to believe when I make an order through AliExpress and patiently ‘stalk’ my letterbox until said item arrives… I am a lover of keeping a products’ footprint small.

Unfortunately, it is a shame that I feel the need to buy my haberdashery from an International source to keep my ‘hand crafted’ items at an affordable cost; believe me, I wish it was different.

One Final Word…

I have written this Blog to keep you up to date and let you know that I now have Affiliate Products and Links on this website, but I will keep them with very reputable businesses to keep you and your money safe while shopping online.

ALL my reviews and posts are honest and to help you grow in your quest to learn to sew, first and foremost. If you have any questions please comment below.

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